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Hi!  I’m Kenneth. I’ve helped thousands of average men become extraordinary partners through pleasure hacking.  Take the quiz to learn how.
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How Did We Get Here?
In the last 9 years I've been obsessively deconstructing techniques from world-renowned educators, researchers, tantra masters, and tested them in thousands of hours of hands-on sessions.

I discovered love hacks that completely transformed my life.

Now I'm sharing everything I've learned to help take men from insecurity to lasting confidence and becoming truly remarkable partners.
I Believe That....
#1. Any man can go from insecurity to lasting confidence.
#2. You can become a remarkable partner.
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Hear From Others Who've Been Through The Training...
"[Kenneth Play].. The World's Greatest Pleasure Hacker"
-- Alana Heiss, GQ Magazine
"Dude. Your course is an absolute gamechanger. I can't believe nobody taught me this stuff."
-- Ben, Austin TX
Quiz: Discover Your Lover Type
Discover what type of lover you are, so you know how to use your strengths to blow her expectations...